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Noam Chomsky - Ideology of the New World Order - Hungary, 2004

Ideology of the New World Order. *

Budapest, Hungary. June, 2004. *

Among the many revelations: *

Marx was a theorist of capitalism and had no ideology. *

The only ideology Lenin had was: Follow Me: totalitarian. *

3 Forms of Totalitarianism this century:
1, Fascism (defeated)
2. Bolshevism (defeated)
3. Corporatism (weakest) *

Corporations are weak, and they know it.
It would be "easy" to take away their "rights". *

It is a credit to the American people that they are most propagandized in the world. *

If control comes from above, it is illegitimate!

The 9/11 "industry" on the left. *

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